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Still not recovered from seeing you dressed up in tights, sorry... Long johns... And wings at deal last tuesday!! 20 visits as a pilgrim now and your still the highlight of the day - even if the jokes don't change! See u next time!

- john mcb, 00:21, 8th November 2009

(Sister-In-Law to non-clapping, cheddar cheese-lovin' Kel ; ))Comedy Gala = Brilliant!!! Thank you so much. Haven't laughed that hard in booking up lots of local gigs. Great job!

- Kirsty, 20:44, 24th September 2009

Mark says:

Thanks Kirsty, and everyone else you came last Monday,

Really happy with how the night went, if you thought it was fun in the room you should have seen us all backstage.

Thanks for enjoying  it, and more importantly, thanks for supporting local comedy.


Mark,I just wanted to thank you for all your effort putting together Monday's Comedy gala at the Colston Hall!! I had a numb bum from sitting so long but my sides were aching from laughing so hard!! Well done - JLC was great I never knew he could sing!

- Sarah, 08:54, 24th September 2009

Hello mate, I'm still recovering from the 4-hour supercomedyathon you organised at Colston Hall. It was brilliant, you did a fantastic job as always. Looking forward to seeing you at Oppo again at the end of the year, I've missed it!Cheers,Phil

- Phil Connor, 17:10, 22nd September 2009

Loved Greenman! Love the updates, keep it up x

- Amy, 10:14, 4th September 2009

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