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A Brief History of Swine (and other news) Wed 2nd Sep, 2009

So, what have i done with my summer?

Did some work experience for a production company in Bristol called Icon Films.

Helping them come up with ideas for The One Show. Asparagus growers in the morning, counterfeit money at lunchtime and Ada Lovelace in the evening. I have no idea if any of these will get made, but it definitely gets the blood pumping and the brain working.

Edinburgh Festival

Four days. 20 shows. well, 19 seen, 1 done. Highlights? Colin Hoult, Daniel Kitson and Frisky and Mannish. Oh, and Well Hung and Tender Burgers and Club Sandwich in The Dome.

GreenMan Festival

The comedy was organised by the wonderful Henry Widdecombe, and a great job he did. A gorgeous, chilled out festival surrounded by the Brecons. I did two gigs, starting at 9pm, and another at 2.15 in the morning. Martha slept in the car.

Swine Flu

Ok, so it might be normal flu, but the day i got back from GreenMan i had incredible shivers and shakes and couldn't get out of bed. And then i just felt knackered all week. Flu or laziness, you decide.

Leeds and Reading Festivals

The end of my summer of festivals, one day Leeds, one day Reading. I heard a fraction of Fightstar and that's it for music. I stared at 16 year olds wandering around like dusty sheep and i performed in a comedy tent for about 3000 people. Smashing.

And now the nights are getting darker earlier, the queue for Banksy has gone and the rain is still falling. What's in store for the Winter?

Sorting out the Bristol Comedy Gala at the Colston Hall on September the 21st, and organising my new weekly comedy night at The Lanes.

This is going to be a very good year for Bristol Comedy.