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Spring Forward, Fall Back Fri 30th Oct, 2009

So. Sunset time is about 16.30. Things are getting darker, The British Comedy circuit is falling apart at the seams. Liverpool have already lost 4 games in the Premiership.

And life is good.

Bristol has been voted as the nicest city to live in the UK, plus the least hygenic. Deal or No Deal is back filming, and last night i had one of the best meals i have ever had (Ronnies in Thornbury).

The biggest news around the comedy circuit in the last week or so is the closure of a few Jongleurs comedy clubs (including Bristol)

Us comics are insecure little puppies, and having a third of the biggest comedy chain vanishing over night was a shock, but i think everything will be ok.

It seems as if a new comedy chain will rise in its place, plus it looks as if Jongleurs might close and then relaunch in different locations.

As for Bristol? Well, there is no sign of a big club coming into Bristol. It is a city that should be able to sustain a big, bustly, weekend comedy club, and i wouldnt be surprised if someone announces in the next few months that they are launching a big new venue in the city.

While we wait in anticipation for that, i have a little project running.

My Wednesday night Student gig is going from strength to strength at The Lanes, a lovely new(ish) venue in central Bristol.

The room is perfect for comedy, if a little hidden away, and is going to be perfect for a fun Friday and Saturday night gig.

We are going to start on the 20th of November. Come and support us if you want to. Email for tickets and info.