Mark Olver's News feed Mark Olver's News, including his "Review of Life" <![CDATA[Spring Forward, Fall Back]> So. Sunset time is about 16.30. Things are getting darker, The British Comedy circuit is falling apart at the seams. Liverpool have already lost 4 games in the Premiership.

And ...]> <![CDATA[A Brief History of Swine (and other news)]> So, what have i done with my summer?

Did some work experience for a production company in Bristol called Icon Films.

Helping them come up with ideas for The One Show. Asparagus ...]> <![CDATA[Latitude Festival]> I am not a massive fan of slumming it, massive groups of people, overpriced food, lack of sleep, camping, rain, and not sitting down.

For these reasons the idea of ...]> <![CDATA[Watford]> Watford Jongleurs tonight. Not massively busy but a lovely change from the big Russell gigs. I love doing those massive, incredible gigs but a smallish, drunk, hen and stag infested ...]> <![CDATA[Back Once Again]> Hello.

It has been a while since I update this site. Martha is a bit better at doing it than me, but i am using the excuse of working too ...]> <![CDATA[North East]> Hello all! Mark won't ever get round to updating this so I thought I'd write a quick message. Mark is doing so well. So many people are incredibly proud of ...]> <![CDATA[About 150 miles in...]> Hello all,

I don't know how many people try to stay updated using but I am apologising on behalf of Mark for the lack of updates on the news ...]> <![CDATA[The walk is getting closer]> I know the news is updated very slowly on this site, along with everything else, but I wanted you to see what is happening in relation to the walk.

I ...]> <![CDATA[He's in the news!]>  

Check out:

<![CDATA[Dates and Route and Ordance Survey Show]> There is now a facebook group for the walk, it's called Ramble On (the group, and the walk) but as I now know that actual adults are interested in the ...]> <![CDATA[Ordance Survey Map]> Have just plotted the main route on the Ordance Survey Explore site. Will be doing individual maps for each day of the walk, but to have a look at the ...]> <![CDATA[Just Giving]> Have just set up a web page to help deal with the sponsorship of the walk, check out

All is going well, did a lovely fifteen mile walk to ...]> <![CDATA[Provisional Route]> Several people have asked about the route of my walk, how long it will take, and if I think I will survive.

Yes, I reckon I will survive.

As for ...]> <![CDATA[Mark can actually walk (by Martha)]> Hello all frequenters of This is not Mark as you might expect, but Martha, his girlfriend. I noticed that months and months ago some people said on the guestbook ...]>